IGS 2020 Conference

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+ 8 Hours of CME Credit

The Biggest Event for Physicians, Innovators and Entrepreneurs

UCSF Smith CVRI Building


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The Summit

Why Do You Need to Attend?

No matter how advanced you are in your health care career - practitioners, leaders, employees, entrepreneurs, creators or any other phase in your career, you need to be at this Summit.

Our goal is to improve patient care and give you the networking & knowledge necessary to advance in your career. By the end of this summit, you will be more efficient, proactive, fulfilled and experienced. 

✔ Health Care Innovation 

✔ CME CREDIT (8hr)

✔Provide a greater understanding of healthcare innovation to allow

   for a better & more optimal approach improving patient care &

   clinical practice. 

✔Improve the understanding of specific innovations of patient

   management, special practitioners & clinicians’ practice locally &


✔Demonstrate how to integrate the next gen tech into clinical

   practice & p[atients’ groups to optimize clinical stats & outcomes. 

✔Identify resources and tools to make life simpler for physicians and

   introducing new innovative practices. 

✔Introduce entrepreneurship and identify proper avenues & resources

   to materialize ideas. 


What are We Going to Accomplish?

High Quality


To create a super extraordinary experience for yourself and others you must change your thinking. This starts with absolving yourself of the thinking that traps you and replacing it with new information.


Once you start your IBS journey, you’ll learn to establish the amount of effort needed to guarantee success and ensure that you can operate at this level throughout your life.

By Networking and talking to other people about their POV, you increase your knowledge by 10x.

This elite group represents the leading-edge of Physicians– A type of person who selflessly helps others and better the world around them.

Every year, the IBS Conference will bring the foremost authorities in their fields to share the information and strategies of tomorrow with you for three days of high-impact and actionable plans designed for immediate implementation in your business and life.

What Happens After I Attend?

You Will: 


✔ Have a broader understanding of healthcare innovation to select

    the optimal approaches to improving patient care and clinical


✔ Be able to discuss the utility of specific technological innovations in

managing the patients and clinicians’ practice in various health care settings, locally or globally

✔ Appropriately integrate next-generation technologies into clinical

    practice and patients’ groups, to optimize clinical outcomes

✔ Identify resources and tools to enable physicians to innovate in their

    practice as appropriate​

Our Goal is To: 


✔ To enrich health leaders and practitioners with the concepts of

    health care innovation, machine learning tools, and artificial

    intelligence-related skills to in order to improve patient care

✔To educate clinicians on the advances of medical devices, digital

   health, and pharmaceutical technologies that will help them to make

   their clinical management more efficient, meaningful, and fulfilling.